Council Theory

A continuation of the discussion on God, and what the Bible is talking about when it talks about the Council of the gods. Are there other gods out there? How do we reconcile that with God’s own words when He says, “I am God and there is none other (Isaiah 45:5)”? 


Originally Recorded

July 21, 2021


0:00 Opening Up Shop

1:49 What Are We Drinking?

5:42 Council of the Gods

22:49 Bad Dad Jokes

26:42 Sons of God and Daughters of Man

47:21 One for the Road

51:52 Closing Up Shop



Special thanks to 

RED KITE COFFEE COMPANY for allowing us to record in their Community Room. 


The Thinking Cup Main Theme 

Created By Dominic Orian


Other Music Downloaded with License from


Tracks Used:

Segment Ends - "Game Changer" from

Dad Jokes - "On the Lash" from Strip Sounds

One for the Road - “Cafe on the Seine” from StockMusic 

and “Good Feelings,” Sparse Mix from Alibi Music Library

Credits - "Welcome to My Lair" - William Joseph

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