Got Integrity?

In a world where politicians tell us one thing and do another, is there no accountability? What about in the church, in our communities, or in our streets, where has integrity gone? In this episode, Mike and Ben discuss the importance of having our word be worth something. If the world is going to get changed, it has to start with us.


0:00 Opening Up Shop
2:51 What Are We Drinking?
8:22 Coffee Give Away Winner
11:30 What is Integrity?
21:48 Bad Dad Jokes
25:54 Integrity and Christianity
36:29 A Word from the Word
41:38 One for the Road
46:49 Closing Up Shop


Originally Recorded: March 17, 2021

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Introduction - Quirky Town by Stephen Paul Kaminski

Segment Ends - "Game Changer" from

Dad Jokes - "On the Lash" from Strip Sounds

A Word from the Word - "Nonstop Conflict" from Strike Audio

One For the Road - “Cafe on the Seine” from StockMusic 

and “Good Feelings,” Sparse Mix from Alibi Music Library

Credits - "Welcome to My Lair" - William Joseph

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