The Day After

Did you experience Election Day let down or excitement? What stood out to you as you watched the election returns? Plus, Mike and Ben debate if God really does determine the outcome of Presidential Elections (see Daniel 2:21). Plus, more bad dad jokes and fun coffee talk.

NOTE: We're sorry that the video for YouTube failed us this week. We hope to have it back for the next episode. 

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Tracks Used:

Introduction - Need Peace of Mine” by Strike Audio

Segment Ends - "Game Changer" from

Dad Jokes - "On the Lash" from Strip Sounds

A Word from the Bible - "Nonstop Conflict" from Strike Audio

Background Music - “Positive Momentum” by Christopher Jon Winston

The Last Word Background - “Empowered” by Mark Dwane

Credits - "Welcome to My Lair" - William Joseph

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